Trainer Training for Vocational High Schools within the scope of the Internet-Based R&D and Innovation Handbook in Vocational Education of the Erasmus+ project of Karamürsel District Directorate of National Education titled Vocational High Schools Learn R&D and Innovation with Virtual Reality (2019-1-TR01-KA202-074723). 12-13-14 January, Thursday, 2021) was carried out successfully.


East Marmara ABİGEM A.Ş. With the training held in cooperation with the project, the development of institutional collaborations carried out within the scope of the project was also ensured. At the opening of the training attended by 42 vocational teachers and Vocational High School Managers, Mayor of Karamürsel, Mr. İsmail YILDIRIM, talked about the importance of supporting vocational education and thanked our Directorate for its contribution to the education of young people to be employed in different fields of industry. He emphasized the importance of conducting an international project under the coordination of our District in Kocaeli, where multinational companies exist.

Kocaeli MEM Deputy Director Mr. Mustafa DOĞAN congratulated our Vocational Teachers who support their students with innovative projects and aim to give them a Europe-wide vision, stating that young people who grow up in vocational high schools should be trusted, and vocational high school graduates with improved innovation and R&D skills will be more advantageous in finding a job. We would like to thank our Dear Mayor and our Dear Provincial MEM Deputy Director for their participation and support in our project and R&D activities.

Murat ÇAKIR, our District Director of National Education, who talked about the aims of the VET R&D project in his speech, emphasized the contribution of our project, which aims to bring an innovative education method to vocational education through virtual reality, not only in our province but also in our country and European countries, in the days when distance education gains more importance.

In the training given by Mr. Murat ÜNVER, a sectoral development trainer and program developer at the business world and universities level, after the 6-hour Business Development and Innovation Training, our teachers made applications in groups of 7 in a two-day online workshop. After the training, our specialist teachers and school administrators responsible for vocational education said that it is necessary to follow the innovative change in the sectors preparing for industry 4.0, and that the activities and the project will contribute to the career goals of the students. In addition, they expressed their satisfaction for being in a project supported by our Mayor and Deputy Provincial Director. We wish success to all our teachers who are working for a better education and learning to teach, despite the difficulties caused by the COVID pandemic.