25.11.2022- Kocaeli, TURKEY

Karamürsel District Directorate of National Education



The main purpose of the meeting was to introduce the intellectual outputs produced during the project to vocational education schools in Kocaeli province. It was emphasized that with the innovative teaching methods developed, the sector could respond to the need for personnel equipped with R&D innovation skills. The meeting was also designed to create an opportunity for the dissemination of the outputs obtained with the contributions of the project partners on a European scale, to introduce the local and national project activities, Erasmus+ program, the project objectives and to increase the awareness of all the participants on R&D and innovation skills required at vocational schools.


The conference, where 150 VET stakeholders gathered, started with the opening speech of Mr. Murat ÇAKIR, He welcomed and thanked all partners to have been attended the final conference, emphasized that such projects on vocational education with European partners contribute a lot to the development of vocational education.


The content of the program was designed to go from general to specific. The need of R&D and innovation skills by the view of ministry, then by national institutions and then by university was presented. And then the whole project was introduced. Afterwards the partners and international aspect of the project and finally the Erasmus program and internationalization impact on the Directorate was explained. When the audience was ready to learn how to do that the outcomes were presented and the stake holders experienced creative the solution to the problem.


Mr İsmail YILDIRIM, The Major of Karamürsel participated in the afternoon session, had a kind and short speech and contributed to the project. He was presented a brunch of flowers.


The plenary speakers were invited to make the program more efficient in the first session. Ms Özlem DEMİR, the VET expert from Ministry of Education General Directorate of VET introduced the recent studies and expectation from VET schools on R&D and innovation in Vocational and Technical Education.


The panel was organised to announce the expectations of sector representatives on relations between Industry 4.0 – R&D and future of Innovation at Vocational Education, which was the motivation of this Project.  The panellist from TÜBİTAK, Bilişim Vadisi Gebze and Academician of Technology Faculty of University of Kocaeli, talked and discussed their ideas on “the expectations of different sectors in Kocaeli and Europe from the workforce in terms of R&D and innovation from the framework of Industry 4.0”, “contribution of R&D innovation training in vocational high schools to industrial development in terms of regional and national development goals” and “the level of use of educational technologies -virtual reality in vocational education in our province and in our country”. The experts and the academician talked about the importance of the topics and the contribution of VET R&D Project on development of R&D and Innovation in Kocaeli, Turkiye and European Scala. The Project itself presented by Deniz ÇİÇEK.  So, the audience was more focused on the Project lifespan, international and local activities and intellectual outcomes. She introduced the intellectual outputs in general.