27.11.2022 – NEVŞEHİR, TURKEY


Within the scope of the project, a learning approach using both virtual reality and e-book was proposed. With this learning approach, the teaching process of R&D and innovation was carried out. At the end of the project, two outputs were obtained. These outputs are internet-based electronic book and virtual reality applications. With this meeting, it was aimed to transfer the achievements of the project to vocational schools. In this context, trainers, teachers and administrators from vocational schools in the region were included in the meeting.





For a better understanding of the subject, the features of Erasmus+ K2 projects were explained at the beginning of the meeting. Afterwards, a brief summary of the work done within the scope of the project was presented. The intellectual outputs obtained within the scope of the project were explained in detail. Active participation of the participants in the meeting was ensured and a question-answer session was held. Later, most of the participants experienced the developed virtual reality applications.




The meeting was completed as planned. The participants stated that the use of the recommended learning approach in many subjects of vocational education would increase productivity. Some of them stated that they would demonstrate these practices in their own lessons. At he same time, some participants were impressed by the project idea and expressed that they wanted to write a new project that contributes to vocational training.