The transnational meeting of the VET R&D “Vocational High Schools Learning R&D and Innovation with Virtual Reality” project, supported by the Turkish National Agency and carried out as the coordinator by the Karamürsel District Directorate of National Education, was held as a hybrid with the participation of partner institutions.

fter the ice breaker activities, the meeting started with the opening speech of the District Director of National Education, Mr. Murat Çakır. The meeting continued with the evaluation of the meeting notes held in Athens and Malaga. The quality questionnaires of the completed first intellectual output e-book were evaluated. The results of the quality surveys conducted in Physiotherapy and Culinary Arts departments in Greece and Information Technologies, Electrical and Electronics, Machine Technologies and Accounting (Finance) departments in Turkey were evaluated with partners. The surveys showed that the first intellectual output had reached the planned quality. After the general evaluation of the project, a technical visit was made to the Dudley Inspired Vocational College and observations were made in the virtual reality environment design course.
The meeting, which took place on 10-11 May, was attended by the District Director of National Education Murat ÇAKIR and Project Contact Deniz ÇİÇEK from KDNE, Giorgia Marchionni and Lou BENIER on behalf of EGINA, Irene GRYMIERSKIL ESTEVEZ from IPF International and host Matthew Cadden-Hyde. On behalf of CEKA Software R&D Limited, Dr Ebubekir KAYA, Ms Olympia DRIVA from EUROTraining, Monika Levandowska and Anna Lipska from Kielche Technopark participated online.
On the second day of the meeting, the details of project management were evaluated after the Building Information Modeling Simulation “cave” workshop and the workshop in which the Virtual Reality Decision Making Tool was introduced. After the meeting, a cultural tour was held at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley, the region where the first industrial revolution started, and the meeting was completed successfully.