The main purpose of the meeting was to introduce the intellectual outputs produced during the project to vocational education schools in Kocaeli province. It was emphasized that with the innovative teaching methods developed, the sector could respond to the need for personnel equipped with R&D innovation skills. The meeting was also designed to create an opportunity for the dissemination of the outputs obtained with the contributions of the project partners on a European scale, to introduce the local and national project activities, Erasmus+ program, the project objectives and to increase the awareness of all the participants on R&D and innovation skills required at vocational schools.

During the hybrid session, staff of CEKA, who created and developed the IO1 and IO2 participated in the meeting online and they introduced the process of developing the outputs.

Matthew from Dudley College and Grzegorz from associated supporter of Kielce Technology Park, the Kielce Technical University connected online they talked about partnership, cooperation among the partners through the project activities, achievement of the project and the VR in vocational education in their countries.