On the occasion of the celebration of #ErasmusDays 2022 throughout Europe, EUROTraining organized a physical event on 14th of October 2022 in its presets in Athens, taking the opportunity to present the progress and the results of the Erasmus+ project “VET R&D – Vocational schools learn R&D and innovation via virtual reality”

The project’s outputs are the Internet Based R&D Innovation Book in Vocational Education and the Virtual Reality Applications for use in Vocational Educational Curricula.

The event was divided in two parts. The introductory session, giving a welcome speech and presentation of EUROTraining, by Violetta Koutsogiannopoulou, Director of EU Project Implementation Department. Following a presentation on “Virtual Reality in Education: The Greek reality”, by Marina Zotaki, External Relations Coordinator of R&D Department-EU Project. This session was closed with a presentation on “Overview of the project VET& RD and its results” by Olympia Driva, Manager of EU Project Implementation.

(In the second part was) the interactive session, focusing on the demonstration of the e-book and the VR applications. The event ended with a free session to experience the VR applications. The audience was amazed by the achievements of new technologies and actively participated in the session.

It was a very successful event gathering several participants with variety backgrounds, including VET students, trainees, Academics and stakeholders in the VET sector.