The international dissemination activities of the VET R&D project have been going on. Romanian teachers from A.D. Xenopol Economy College spent a contact visit to Karamürsel Anatolian High School on 27-28.03.2023. Both schools have already started cooperation and a group of teachers visited A.D. Xenopol Economy College in Bucharest for job shadowing and teaching assignment type of mobilities.

Now both schools have been planning students’ mobility. The visitor teachers have been introduced with the VR applications, the e book and VET R&D Project. It has been planned to introduce the VET students with the project and project activities during the mobility in Karamürsel. An innovation and R&D workshop have been planned for the students of economics and new project ideas have been discussed. The communication between two schools and Karamürsel District Directorate of National Education will result in lots of advantages, strong and creative ideas  for the students.


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