EUROTraining is a Vocational Educational Centre located in Athens, Greece with two additional certified branches in the cities of Thessaloniki and Volos in Greece. EUROTraining specialises in the sectors of Entrepreneurship, Adult Education, ICT, Financial Management and Tourism. The organization is in close connection with the labor market and it tries to connect its study offer with the needs of enterprises, bodies and organizations both in the public and private sector. One of the organisation’s main goals is to contribute to the upskilling of employees in ways that give them a competitive advantage.
The primary target groups of EUROTraining’s training programmes and seminars include, among others, unemployed people, newly employed people, young and aspiring entrepreneurs, employees, people with disabilities, executive officers, graduates of high schools and Universities.
The organisation’s key activities are the offer of modern vocational training programs (also through ICT enabled blended learning), web-based Learning Management Systems, human resources training seminars and inter- entrepreneurship training seminars. All three EUROTraining branches in Greece offer spacious and modern teaching classrooms, state-of-the art IT Laboratories, specialized equipment for easy access to the premises, libraries with internet access, child care facilities and evaluation system of training tasks (ARGUS ERP).
EUROTraining’s main pillars are summarized as follows:
– acquisition and development of qualifications and professional skills for employees,
– upskilling and continuous upgrade of professional skills in high demand for individuals,
– cultivation and promotion of entrepreneurship with special emphasis on young people,
– provision of integrated consulting and training services for vet providers, SME’s, consultancies and public bodies.


Violetta Koutsogiannopoulou
Director – EU Project Implementation Department

Phone: +30 210 330 6086 (228)