Karamürsel District Directorate of National Education’s ERASMUS+ Project named Vocational High Schools Learn R&D and Innovation with Virtual Reality continues. Within the framework of ERASMUSDAYS promotion days, a technical visit was made at the Izmit Planetarium Virtual Reality Sphere, Earthquake Remembrance and Awareness Museum and Kartepe Fevziye Tezcan MTAL Virtual Reality Laboratory, and an educational technologies workshop was held.



The development of virtual reality applications continues in order to enable R&D and innovation in vocational schools that need to be actively involved in the industry 4.0 process.The VET teachers and trainers were introduced with different education technology materials. Technological pedagogical approaches applied in Izmit Planetarium Virtual Reality Sphere and Earthquake Remembrance and Awareness Museum were examined with the participation of a group of teachers consisting of 100. YIL MTAL teachers on 14.10.2021. We would like to thank Veysel Arif Yüksel, Izmit Municipality R&D and Strategy Development Unit Manager, for his contribution and hosting to our project.

Project Coordinator Deniz ÇİÇEK made a presentation on the use of educational technologies in vocational education, virtual reality-assisted course design and applications in the ongoing workshop in Kartepe. The TEMAS project implemented with the support of MARKA within Kartepe Fevziye Tezcan MTAL was introduced. VET teachers exchanged experience and good practice and introduced with virtual reality during the technical study in Virtual Reality lab. We would like to thank the Principal of the School, Murat PALA, and the vocational teachers Mesut ÖZEFR and Fatih PALA