Vocational schools are one of the significant organizations which meet the intermediate staff need of the private sector. Qualified vocational schools and qualified graduates provide significant contribution in the sector and national economy. In these days in which the 4th Industrial Revolution takes place and value of the information increases, organizations which value R&D and innovation stand out. In that respect, it is necessary that vocational schools are more effective in R&D and innovation process. It is seen that vocational schools cannot learn R&D and innovation adequately with conventional education methods. Within the scope of this project, an innovative learning method is suggested for vocational schools to learn R&D and innovation in enjoyable and visual ways. Virtual reality is used as learning method. As known, virtual reality triggers sense of reality by transferring the real-world concepts into the computer environment. With its 3-dimensional and interactive nature, virtual reality increases persistency in teaching process. In addition, it will ensure and make more attractive that students learn R&D and innovation and develop strategies with its enjoyable aspect.
R&D, innovation and information technologies-based works are carried out before virtual reality-based learning method is offered to the target audience in the project. First, R&D and innovation works are carried out in Vocational Education, definitions and applications are determined with Project partners. At the end of this process, Internet Based R & D and Innovation Book in Vocational Education is created.
When intellectual outputs are obtained, the learning method is implemented to Department of Information Technology, Department of Electrical and Electronics Technology, Department of Machine Technology, Department of Business, Department of Physiotherapy Assistant Department of Obstetrics Assistant.
As mentioned above, the project has 2 main intellectual outputs.
1) Internet Based R & D and Innovation Book in Vocational Education,
2) Virtual reality applications.
5 transnational meetings are planned in order to realize the project and obtain related outputs. To achieve related targets and objectives, 8 organizations are included in the project. Dissemination activities will be carried out to ensure that project outputs reach more people. In that respect, regional meetings will be held in Turkey, England, UK and Lithuania as multiplier event. Project outputs will be published as open to public access without any license fee. With this aspect, it will be ensured that more people benefit from the project on national and international level


The project is based on vocational education, virtual reality and R&D and innovation. The project has two main objectives. First objective is to offer an innovative learning method in vocational education using virtual reality. The other objective is to ensure that R&D and innovation are taught effectively in vocational education. To achieve this objective, it is planned that two fundamental project outcomes are formed. These are Internet Based R & D and Innovation Book in Vocational Education and “Virtual reality works”. It is required that these outcomes are obtained for the project’s success. It is planned that some activities are carried out within the scope of the project in order to obtain these outcomes.